Can Telemedicine Apps Save Us Money?

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Opinions about doctors fall firmly in one of two opposing camps. Either you’re a true believer of the power of modern medicine and rush to the clinic at the first sneeze, or you think GPs are quacks and only go because you need an MC.

Whatever it is, I think we can all agree that seeing the doctor in Singapore isn’t cheap. 

But now that there are so many new “telemedicine” apps, can Singaporeans now save money and time on treating common illnesses?

10. Glovida-Rx (Free consultation with a pharmacist)

Glovida-Rx isn’t your run-of-the-mill telemedicine app that offers GP consultations for your flu. It’s actually a Health Sciences Authority (HSA) registered e-pharmacy, dispensing a wide range of Over-The-Counter, pharmacy-only, prescription medications and healthcare products.

Instead of video-calling a GP, you contact accredited pharmacists over WhatsApp—so yes, there’s no need to download a new application. The pharmacist can then advise you and issue the proper medication to you, which you’ll receive conveniently via their complimentary same day delivery service.

If you want further medical advice, you can also choose to request a teleconsult with a doctor.

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