Singapore’s first consumer centric e-pharmacy Glovida-Rx unveils

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Glovida-Rx plays an integral role in materialising MoH's goal to leverage technology to fulfill 50% of medication needs outside of hospitals aiding patients, caregivers, doctors, and corporates

Glovida-Rx Pharmacists

Glovida-Rx, Singapore’s first consumer-centric e-pharmacy, was launched on 9 Oct. Backed by WellChem Pharmaceuticals, Glovida-Rx is Health Sciences Authority (HSA) registered and seeks to fortify the healthcare ecosystem through educating the market on the role of pharmacists as accredited medical professionals whilst being an accessible partner to the industry.

Glovida-Rx creates a seamless, accessible and safe healthcare consultations to both patients and caregivers in Singapore free of charge, with the aim of reducing the administrative and often expensive process of accessing pharmaceuticals.  

In Singapore, pharmacies dispense over 60 million medication items annually. To speed up the process of pharmaceutical dispensing, the Ministry of Health (MoH) wants to leverage technology to fulfill 50% of medication needs outside of hospitals and automatically manage orders from multiple sources for delivery to households nationwide.

Glovida-Rx plays an integral role in making this a reality by bringing medication and workflow fulfillment online through its pioneering e-commerce platform which offers patients and caregivers a wide range of Over-The-Counter, pharmacy-only, prescription medications and healthcare products. With accredited pharmacists, who are trained medication experts and are readily contactable over WhatsApp, Glovida-Rx ensures proper and optimal use of medication, without the need to download any additional applications. Patients also have the option of requesting a teleconsult with a doctor.


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