We tried this new e-pharmacy service in Singapore for our chronic sinus issues – and here’s how it works

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Convenient, accessible and cost-saving – are e-pharmacies the new “in” thing? We put Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy to the test and here’s our first-timer review.

Whether it’s doing grocery runs online or ordering dinner on an app, we’re guilty as charged. Efficient, convenient and fuss-free – what’s not to love about these online services? But if there’s one aspect of our lifestyle that we’ve yet to shift online, it’s healthcare. There’s something about the IRL experience of seeing a doctor that we can’t seem to replicate online… or can we?

After getting wind of the time and cost-saving aspects of e-pharmacy services, let’s just say we were curious. And so we gave it a shot. One of our team members, Helmy, turned to Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy in Singapore for his chronic sinus condition. He shares all the deets of his first-time experience with us.

The consultation: Professional help at your fingertips

The premise for e-pharmacy services doesn’t stray too far from ordering food or groceries online – all you need is your phone and internet connection. Helmy reached out to the Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy team for a free consultation over WhatsApp and was connected with a pharmacist in Singapore within minutes. For conditions that require a prescription, you’ll be connected with a telemedicine doctor for medical advice instead.

Over WhatsApp, the pharmacist covered all grounds (including how long Helmy has suffered from sinus, his usual medication and drug allergies) and recommended he switch to a new medicine: Zyrtec-D. Besides tackling his chronic runny nose, it’s also said to alleviate his facial aches and congestions. Helmy was pleased that the pharmacist was able to provide quick responses to his questions on price, dosage, side effects and medicine expiration date, just to name a few.

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For the price point, Helmy shares that it’s on par with physical pharmacies that he typically frequents. Of course, this excludes any delivery fee. Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy charges a delivery fee of $15 for orders below $20, and $7 for orders between $20 and $79. If you’re making an order above $79, you’ll score free delivery services. All the more reason to stock up on the meds you need, says Helmy.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, he obtained all the details he needed, had his order processed, and made payment online. Psst: if you already have a paper prescription, simply share your authorised prescription to skip the whole consultation and get your medication dispensed immediately!

The delivery: Goodbye queues and long waits

The next step? Sit tight and wait for the delivery. Good news: it can be delivered to your doorstep within a few hours. This is thanks to the same-day delivery services offered by Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy. For payments made before 3pm on a working day (Mondays to Fridays), you can expect your medication to arrive from 3pm to 11pm within the same day. Orders made after 3pm will be sent out between 10am to 4pm on the next day. Pretty efficient, we say.

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To amp up security, Helmy was given a four-digit verification code which he had to share with the delivery staff. Turns out, the team wasn’t kidding when they said delivery would be quick. Although the parcel arrived before he reached home, he just needed to share the pin with his family member who safely received it on his behalf.

The verdict: Are e-pharmacies the new food delivery services?

Now for the million-dollar question: would Helmy try online pharmacy services again? Definitely, he says, citing convenience and the professionalism of Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy as the biggest pull factors.

You can easily get your medication without leaving the comfort of your home, which can be a huge game changer for those with chronic medical conditions, shares Helmy. As someone who has been living with a sinus condition for more than 10 years, he needs a refill almost every two weeks. Plus, having to walk two blocks away from his house and physically wait at a pharmacy isn’t the most ideal when he’s unwell. In these circumstances, such online pharmacy services can be a godsend.

His only gripes? The price point could be more competitive to edge out physical pharmacies and delivery time could be more precise – especially for those who live alone and aren’t able to have a trusted recipient to receive the parcel on their behalf.

Your healthcare simplified with Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy

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Keen to skip queues and hop on this e-pharmacy wave? Check out Glovida-Rx Online Pharmacy. Backed by Wellchem Pharmaceuticals – a pioneering company with 50 years in the industry – this consumer-centric platform makes healthcare more convenient and accessible for customers and caregivers.

Be it viral infections or chronic conditions, your prescription, pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications will be promptly delivered to your doorstep. Coupled with accredited and friendly pharmacists at your service, getting reliable healthcare advice is as fuss-free as it gets. Drop the team a message over to try it for yourself!

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