Geraldine Lim


Geraldine has spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with skill sets honed in sales, marketing, consumer healthcare and strategic planning. She manages the general management of the company from marketing, finances, to recruiting key talents and is also instrumental in launching new and innovative products through extensive R&D. She also has vast experience in OTC and  consumer products. 

Geraldine envisions Glovida-Rx (GRx) as a pivotal player to influence and change the future of dispensing in Singapore. To her, GRx is a game-changer that creates win/win/win situations for patients, doctors and pharmacists. While patients are able to receive accessible healthcare, a collaboration between doctors and pharmacists assures the provision of optimal health solutions.

Through GRx, Geraldine hopes to raise the profession of pharmacists in Singapore and for GRx to champion a profitable and purposeful cause.