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Difflam Plus Anaesthetic Sore Throat Lozenges 16's

Difflam Plus Anaesthetic Sore Throat Lozenges 16's

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Difflam Plus Anaesthetic Sore Throat Lozenges combine the anti-inflammatory benzydamine with a local anaesthetic and antibacterial ingredient to help numb painful sore throats. Provides fast relief from the pain, swelling and redness of sore throats and mouth conditions − including pharyngitis, tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, and after dental procedures, mouth or throat surgery. Helps to fight minor throat and mouth infections.

Please note that our products come in two flavours (Honey Lemon / Eucalyptus with Menthol), subject to availability. While we aim to meet your preferences, the flavor provided may depend on current stock. Thank you for your understanding.

The photo displayed here represents only one of the flavours.

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