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Doctor's Consultation

Doctor's Consultation

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How can I see a partnering doctor through GRX?

  1. First, our friendly pharmacists will correspond with you via WhatsApp to better understand your health concern.

  2. Depending on your situation, a few things can happen:
    a. If the condition does not require a doctor’s intervention (such as common colds, allergies, headaches and minor aches and pains), our pharmacists will recommend over-the-counter and pharmacy medications.

    b. If the condition warrants a doctor’s review, we will recommend teleconsultation with our partnering doctors. If a medical certificate is required, our partnering doctors will be able to issue a digital MC through GRX.

    c. If the condition requires a visit to the clinic, we will recommend you to head down to the doctor’s clinic for physical examination and review.

  3. After the doctor reviews your condition, they will provide a prescription through our secure system.

  4. Our GRX pharmacist will then get in touch with you again to discuss your medication, answer any questions, and take care of payment details.

  5. Once we receive your payment, we'll swiftly deliver your medications to your doorstep. Your health is our priority!
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