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Immunped Syrup 100ml - Patented Zinc + Vitamin C [Upsized Version]

Immunped Syrup 100ml - Patented Zinc + Vitamin C [Upsized Version]

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Immunped - Patented Zinc + Vitamin C is a PediaTech® patented syrup that combines the effective ZincPlus® and TasteRite® technologies, a unique combination of Zinc and Vitamin C ingredients. The apple-tasting, Immunped syrup is packed with Zinc which helps kill the bacteria and viruses that targets children's immunity, therefore strengthening their resistance to common colds and pneumonia. Formulated for kids, the syrup provides a delicious taste without the astringent taste of Zinc.


• Supports and empowers children’s immunity
• Fights and reduces the duration of the common cold
• Reduces the incidence of pneumonia in children

Made in Singapore



Children 9-13 years of age: 5-10 ml;
Children 4-8 years of age: 5 ml;
Children 1-3 years of age: 2.5 ml

May be taken with or without hot milk / food.

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