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Soragel Antiseptic Oral Gel 10g

Soragel Antiseptic Oral Gel 10g

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Quick Relief, Soothes Pain, Eases Discomfort

For rapid relief from teething pain, mouth ulcers, cold sores and denture irritation

Suitable for all ages including infant (4 months and above), children and adults

Pleasant taste


SORAGEL brings quick and effective relief to conditions such as:

Infant teething

Mouth ulcers, cold sores and gum irritations

Abrasions from dentures or braces

Irritations from sharp or broken teeth

Sores from biting of the lips or tongue

Irritations of palate and tongue

Adults and Children:

Apply enough SORAGEL to the affected area every 3 hours.

Infants over four months:

For teething problems, gently rub the gel well into the tender areas, with a washed finger, 3 or 4 times a day before meals and at bedtime. Apply not more than every 3 hours.

SORAGEL should not be used for infants under four months, or in patients with a history of allergy to salicylates or aspirin.
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