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Ural Effervescent Granules 4gm 28's - Systemic and Urinary Alkaliniser

Ural Effervescent Granules 4gm 28's - Systemic and Urinary Alkaliniser

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Ural Effervescent Granules is a pleasantly flavoured effervescent drink that provides relief from painful burning symptoms of Urinary Tract Infections. Ural helps to neutralize the acid in the urinary tract while assisting in eliminating organisms that cause infection.


• Relieves burning discomfort caused by urinary tract infections.
• Renders the urine less acidic by increasing alkali reserve.
• Reduces the formation of uric acid.
• Relieves symptoms of many urinary tract infections like cystitis and urethritis.
• Sugar free, lactose free, dairy free, gluten free, animal-free (suitable for diabetics, lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegetarians)


Sodium bicarbonate 1.76 g, Tartaric acid 890 mg, Citric acid anhydrous 720 mg, Sodium citrate anhydrous 630 mg.

Made in Australia


Adult Dose: Dissolve the content of 1-2 sachets into a glass of cool water for up to 4 times daily depending on the severity of the symptoms. Do not take for more than 5 days unless under medical supervision.
Children under 12 years old: Do not give Ural unless advised to do so by a doctor

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