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While Singapore has a robust public healthcare system, you might not want to queue up at a clinic to get medication for common, non-threatening ailments like colds, flus, sprains and eczema – especially if you’re too unwell to get out of the house. If you decide to skip the crowds and go to a private clinic without insurance, you can also find yourself billed with a hefty consultation fee. This is why the rise of online pharmacies in Singapore is such an important and convenient addition to the healthcare system. Glovida-Rx is a new online pharmacy in Singapore that offers prescription medicine delivery as well as chat-based consultations with pharmacists. Learn more about it here!

An online pharmacy in Singapore with WhatsApp consultations

As someone who has only been prescribed medicine directly from a doctor at a clinic, I was curious to see just how hassle-free this service was.

After messaging the online pharmacy’s WhatsApp number, a pharmacist responded to me in less than a minute. I explained to him that I was looking for something to help with a bout of eczema as well as medication for acid reflux.

The pharmacist handled my issues one at a time, asking a series of detailed questions including timelines, family history and any other medical conditions and drug allergies they should be aware of. Next, I had to send over a photo of the affected area in the chat itself.

While I had suggested that my eczema was a result of recent travel and the dry environment of the plane, I was impressed that the pharmacist also took the time to ask about allergies, asthma and lifestyle habits that may have been alternate causes for the outbreak. I was then prescribed a steroid cream as well as a special moisturising shower gel to sort out my eczema. Of course, patients can choose to omit any of the suggestions before making payment.

Get prescriptions for travel-related medicines

My next issue, acid reflux, wasn’t a condition I was currently suffering from, but instead something that occasionally happens to me while travelling – usually triggered by anxiety (airports are stressful places after all!). I explained to the pharmacist that I had an upcoming trip and was worried about this happening again.

The pharmacist then asked what medications I had previously used to treat myself and suggested two alternatives – one for quick, short-term relief and another more long-lasting medication.

GRx Pharmacist

Enjoy same-day medicine delivery when you order before 3pm

Payment was just as hassle-free. You’re presented with a receipt within the chat while a copy with a QR code is sent to your email. By scanning the QR code, you’re directed to a page with options to pay using PayNow or credit card. After payment, your medication is quickly dispatched right to your doorstep in two-to-three hours, provided you order before 3pm.

Fill your next prescription with Glovida-Rx, a new online pharmacy in Singapore

Glovida-Rx is a new online pharmacy in Singapore that offers pharmaceutical consultations and prescription medicine delivery. It also has a strong focus on holistic medicine and offers health supplements in addition to regular medication. Because it operates on an online-only basis, costs are kept down. That means it can offer products at a cheaper price than brick-and-mortar pharmacies. For more information on Glovida-Rx click here, or begin your first consultation by messaging the online pharmacy on WhatsApp at +65 8101 5555.

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