Lisa Tan

Corporate Strategy Development Lead

Lisa is an accomplished professional with an extensive track record of over 30 years in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. With years of experience in managing pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams, she has honed her expertise across a range of therapy areas, driving strategic growth and fostering impactful collaborations.

Lisa has always believed in contributing to her community. Through Glovida-Rx (GRX), she aspires to bring convenience to the sandwich generation, caregivers, and individuals with chronic diseases by integrating technology into healthcare. As a testament to this belief, GRX aims to reduce both extrinsic and intrinsic costs borne by patients, eliminating traditional healthcare barriers such as long waiting times and high emotional effort. Her vision for GRX is to create a future where you can care for your families and loved ones while fulfilling your professional responsibilities, all while enjoying an enhanced quality of life.