Winthrop Wong


As a second-generation pharmacist, Winthrop handles a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including surgical orthopaedic implants, biologics, radiation oncology products, respiratory products, disposables, and innovative eye drops. His expertise also encompasses surgical masks, gloves, and vitamins used in major hospitals. Winthrop frequently provides training to various medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, covering a variety of medicinal topics.

Winthrop believes that pharmacists have always played a crucial role in helping patients understand their conditions and medications. Through Glovida-Rx (GRX), his vision is to elevate the role of pharmacists as the first point of contact for patients with medical concerns in Singapore. He also aspires for GRX to contribute to reducing medication costs in the private sector.

Winthrop graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelors in Pharmacy in 2001 before working as a pharmacist in Australia. In 2005, Winthrop returned to Wellchem Pharmaceuticals as its Director.